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In 1969, Tanya Gayle Ingraham born with an identical twin in Pahokee, Florida was the oldest, strongest, protector and fearless twin, I was the mothering twin that watched out for her well-being. We were inseparable and our lives often paralleling each other even as we became adults. As infants our parents moved us to Newark, New Jersey where we attended elementary and middle schools. After our freshman year of high school we returned to Palm Beach County, where we graduated from Suncoast High in 1987.

After graduation, we started a career with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, where her career spanned over 26 years of dedicated service, retiring as a Deputy Sheriff LE-Court Security to focus on her fight against cancer.

Tanya was diagnosed with Bile Duct/Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer in July, 2015 . This cancer was rare and very aggressive. She went immediately into fight mode, doing whatever it took for the sake of her children and everyone who loved her dearly. She had 3 aggressive regiments of Chemotherapy, 1 Clinical Trial at Tampa Moffitt Center, 3 radiation treatments and 2 unsuccessful surgeries to remove the tumor. Tanya always remained hopeful and positive, her faith never wavering. She talked often of starting a foundation to raise money for research and awareness. Even though Tanya knew there was no cure for Bile Duct Cancer, she fought like a warrior until she transitioned on April 30, 2017. I have committed to fulfilling her wish and founded TanAngels4ever, Inc. in her memory.

A loving mother to her two children, awesome sister, beloved family member to many, cherished friend, great co-worker, and a champion of those in need of an advocate. Tanya lived life with great passion, exuberance and strength. Long before her own diagnosis, she actively lead a fundraiser for a friend who battled breast cancer. When she herself became ill, Tanya still supported those around her, caring for their needs before addressing her own. She created a blog on social media called “Cancerwhat!Cancerwho?" to inspire and encourage others who needed support. She amazed her medical teams with her bravery and selfless act of affection and concern for others. Even in her final days, she put others first. That was just Tanya.

Tanya’s journey was our journey and I was honored to be part of it. I will always think of her strength, her courage, her positive attitude and most of all her will to live. She loved being a mother to her daughter and son. Tanya fought with such grace and dignity in spite of her circumstances. She inspired so many people and shared her journey to let others know cancer does not have a race, age, status, etc. It does not have a face. Cancer did not win!! We are still fighting with TanAngels4ever, Inc. 501 (c)(3) organization.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Memorial Regional Hospital, Dr. Atif Hussein and his staff, Dr. Jennifer Zikria and her staff, Nurse Patricia Wilford who was exceptional during Tanya’s chemotherapy treatments. We will be forever grateful for your dedication and hard work.

Sandra Gayle Price

Twin Sister & Founder